The projects are:
1) Airing of Bungoma siritanyi peace makers message to the people of Bungoma and its environs on radio, weekly for a period of six months.
2) Organizing public workshops to challenge the people of Bungoma,and this shall be done throughout the period of six months.
3) Publishing pamphlets with our message for the people. Our target is 2000 pamphlets in the spun of six months.
4) Training youth. This shall be done monthly for a period of six months.
5) Going to villages around the District to help people know how to seek justice, this shall be done twice a month for six months.
6) Organizing seminars with administrators. Visiting all departments in six months.

We intend to start a programme on the local Radio which we shall use to spread the gospel of peace to the people, being a mass mode of communication we shall be getting audience with the whole of the District.

Through the programme:
-We shall help the people understand and appreciate consequences of violence and instability.
-We shall appeal to people to live in peace and embrace each other, this we shall do by giving time to all our members who come from all the tribes in Bungoma to talk in their mother tongue and explain the importance of living in peace with one another.
-We shall inform the people on where to get us when they have problems with either their neighbours or with the administration, so as to help reduce conflicts.
-Through the radio we shall also promote different cultures of the people living in Bungoma to enhance a feeling of belonging to everyone so as to help restore love for one another.

We intend to organize workshops in schools,prisons,training institutions and workshops open to all members of the public.

Through visiting schools:
-We shall enlighten the youth who are very aggressive people who can be misled in society.
-In the schools we shall tell the students the need to embrace peace and co-existence.
-we shall also leave the youth with challenges in form of questions with which we shall use to issue certificates to best participants.
-Our team shall also offer the teachers guidelines that will be used towards a peaceful living, this shall guide the teachers in future sessions with their pupils on matters of peace and reconciliation.

Through visiting prisons:
-We shall help the inmates appreciate the causes and consequences of violence and other crimes.
-We shall also preach a message of hope to them to avoid them from being disillusioned when they leave the correction centers and in the long run they will be better people.
-we shall also issue challenges to the inmates with which we shall use to award certificates.

Through visiting training institutions:
-We shall educate the scholars in these institutions on the benefits of a peaceful living and co-existence, here we shall encourage them to be on the frontline of preaching peace and shunning being used by politicians in wrong ways.
-We shall also inform them on the available means of sustaining themselves e.g. through organizing and applying for the youth fund among others.
-In summary we shall make them informed people to be on the safer side when decision making so as to make them live responsibly.

Through workshops open to the public:
We shall educate the general public on the effects of violence, incitement and irresponsible behaviors that lead to ethnic tensions.

We shall incorporate the vision, objectives and target problems of Siritanyi Peace Makers initiative in the pamphlets, we shall also publish our various messages of peace and reconciliation in the pamphlets .These pamphlets shall be issued free to the public and also in the meetings that we shall hold, these pamphlets shall also be issed out at the workshops in the above named places we shall visit and also randomly when we are in any function.We shall produce 2000 pamphlets.

We shall carry this drive monthly to empower the youth with knowledge on matters of conflict resolution and peace,this shall shall not only help them in preaching peace to their peers but also guide them through responsible living.

We intend to visit the villages and educate the people in the villages on their rights and responsibilities towards peaceful living.We shall also help diffuse the fear by the locals that policemen are not good and rather encourage them to be seeking police help whenever in problems and not to fear them.We shall also inform them on how to get to us for help incase they face obstacles whenever they are seeking justice.

These seminars shall target all departments in the period of six months,top on our list shall be the departments of lands,police,registration of persons and court system.In doing this we shall reduce the tendency of these arms of government being oppressive and corrupt,this shall also enhance efficiency in work and avoid laxity in public offices.


1) - Airing radio programmes:

In the recent past the radios have proved to be one of the best modes of communicating with the people up to the grassroots levels,and the same radio comes in handy at this period of national healing and reconciliation because it will help get the attention of many people in the District,thus making it a priority in the spread of the mission of Siritanyi Peace Makers to the people of the larger Bungoma District and Kenya at large.

This shall help reduce ethnic tensions and enhance peaceful co-existence, it shall also inform the people on their rights and rightful procedures to be followed to attain justice.

This shall be carried out by the coordinator and other members of the group and it shall target the people of the larger Bungoma District.

Objectives and expectations;

1) Through these programmes we shall diffuse the ethnic tensions.

2) Improve the living environment of the different tribes living within Bungoma.

3) Sensitize the community on their rights as citizens of kenya irrespective of tribal or social backgrounds.

4) Diffuse inter-tribal hatred.

5) Create awareness of gender issues and solve issues affecting girl children.

This project in general shall reconcile and bring peace to the aggrieved and aggressors.

2) –Organizing public workshops:

These workshops shall give us an opportunity to meet with various people who were either aggressors or aggrieved, in so doing it shall enable us share with them one on one and appreciate their problems as we shall be sharing with them. It shall also enable us share with them our message of peace and reconciliation. This is timely and relevant because it shall help ease the ethnic tensions by addressing underlying factors that led to the violence.

This shall solve the factors that have over the years contributed to the dissatisfaction of different communities that led to the ethnic and political violence. It shall also inform the people on their political responsibility and role as citizens of Bungoma to avoid being misused during political elections.

This project shall be carried out by all the members of Siritanyi Peace Makers.

Objectives and expectations;

1) Through these workshops we shall diffuse ethnic tensions.

2) Sensitize the community on their rights as citizens of Kenya irrespective of their ethnic or social background.

3) Diffuse inter-tribal hatred.

4) Create awareness on gender issues and find solutions to girl-children’s problems in the area.

5) Identify projects that can be carried jointly by the different communities living in Bungoma to generate jobs for the youth and reduce ethnic tensions. It shall also help occupy the idle youth who tend to be misused when idle.

6) Coordinate counseling services to those traumatized by lose of property or loved ones in the post-poll violence.

This project in general shall help us identify the major issues that led to the clashes and will help us in giving recommendations to the government on proper immediate response to certain issues that affect them. It shall also help us give hope to the aggrieved in a society that denied them the same.

3) –Publishing pamphlets;

These pamphlets are quite relevant in the current times because they carry a message of hope, forgiveness and focusing on the future.

They shall help educate the people on the advantage of a peaceful co-existence and also help ease the ethnic tensions caused by the post poll-violence and thus promote peace in Bungoma community and Kenya at large.

These pamphlets shall be produced by the members led by the rapporteur and it shall target all members living in the Bungoma community.

Objectives and expectations;

1) Through these project we shall advocate for peace and reconciliation for both aggrieved and aggressors in the community.

2) Educate the public on their rights and well being in society.

3) Encourage people to protect the environment to help reduce long term effects to the economy by misuse of environment leading to lack of peace in the community.

4) Advocate for legal literacy to the majority in society who don’t know ways of seeking legal help and also legal help for those affected by the post-poll violence.

5) Advocate for gender equality and fight against traditional habits that tie women in society.

In general, production of pamphlets shall enable the target people access our message of peace whenever they want it irrespective of time since they will be in possession of it,this shall help us achieve our goals because there shall be consistence and ease in data accessibility to the people we intend to communicate with in the Bungoma region.

4)–Training youth;

This practice is relevant at the moment because it is the youth that were misused in gross violence in the post election era and if we impart constructive knowledge in them this can help avert future violence by the youth.

This will also enable the youth participate in the process of national healing and reconciliation thus giving them a head start in their future careers because the training will not only educate them on the issues of peace but also prepare them to being responsible leaders of tomorrow and hence enhance long term peace and stability.

This training will also facilitate the youth with better ideas for better planning and participation in societal issues.

This training shall be carried by our able coordinator, director and the rest of the members.

Objectives and expectations;

1) The training shall diffuse inter-tribal hatred among the youth.

2) Help the youth identify projects that they can carry to get funding from the government kitties and earn income.

3) Sensitize the youth on their rights to enable them avoid being misused due to lack of prior knowledge of their rights.

4) Empower the youth on matters of peace and hence make them foot soldiers in the spread of the gospel of peace.

5) Create awareness on gender issues to the youth to help them grow up behaving responsibly towards the opposite sex and promoting gender equality.

In general, training the youth will foster accountability and empower the youth to be an example in society because they will acquire legal and political literacy ,this will help them avoid being misused or oppressed in future.

5) –Visiting villages;

In current time it is important to visit the villages because these are the places with little or no access to information and yet they need to fully participate in national healing and reconciliation. These villages also host a group of people who were misused in the post-poll era as well as those disillusioned by the post-poll results.

These visits will enable us inform the villagers on the role they should play towards national healing and reconciliation,the visits will further enable us empower the villagers with legal knowledge and offer them options to their legal problems to avoid future problems that might occur due to denial of justice.The visits shall also enable us appreciate the problems faced by people in the villages for us to make recommendations to the administration for solutions.

These visits shall be done by our members and shall target everybody in the villages.

Objectives and expectations;

1) From the visits we expect to impart legal literacy to the people in the villages.

2) Identify conflicts that can be resolved by us in the villages.

3) Educate the villagers on consequences of violence and importance of peace.

4) Inform the villagers on their rights and responsibilities to avoid them from being misused or oppressed.

5) Diffuse the police phobia from the villagers who fear approaching policemen even when they are not on the wrong.

6) Discourage gender bias because many girls in the villages are not considered for better treatment as boys.

7) Identify projects that can be carried in the villages to promote unity and cohesiveness and also occupy the youth to avoid idling that leads to possibilities of misbehavior.

These visits in general shall help improve awareness in the villages in matters of justice,social relations and financial independence to empower the villagers to face challenges in life without interfering with one another’s life.

6) –Seminars with administrators;
These seminars are very relevant because they shall target key departments in which problem always occurs leading to lack of peace in the community,it is from these departments that long term underlying inefficiency fueled the fire of violence.

This shall help enhance service delivery and tame corruption in public offices thus making service delivery better for the people .It shall also help solve core issues like land disputes and court disputes because proper channels will be followed.

This seminar shall be attended by our members and the heads of different departments of the government in Bungoma District.

Objectives and expectations;

1) Improve service delivery to the people to reduce the delays in services that can be offered in time.

2) Reduce corruption in these offices by continuous interactions in fact-finding.

3) Encourage the court system to be fair for all.

4) Caution the police against oppression of innocent people.

5) Reduce land disputes in the District.

6) Guide the administrators in the process of national healing and reconciliation.

7) Enable the administrators to be partners with us in preaching peace.

8) Reduce the gap between the administrators and the citizens.

These seminars in general will help improve service delivery ,reduce corruption and promote fairness, this in turn will cultivate a peaceful environment for all the people in the communities of Bungoma hence avoid long term conflicts and violence.

Through all these projects we shall be able to reach our target of promoting peace and reconciliation for both aggrieved and aggressors by solving problems that have over the years accumulated and worsened the living environment of various people.


Through these projects we shall motivate the people of Bungoma by:

1)Issuance of certificates to participants in different fields to make them feel appreciated and develop a sense of belonging to the peace process thus owning the action themselves.

2)Solving small conflicts that would have created enmity between the two parties if presented to the courts of law and this will challenge some people to be part and parcel of peace making.

3)Issuance of the pamphlets will make the people part and parcel of the peace process because by sharing the pamphlets with other people they shall help us spread the gospel of peace and also feel that they belong to the initiative.

4)By visiting the prisoners we shall be giving them hope and joy of being cared for and they shall reciprocate our concern by being part of the spreading of the peace gospel.

5)Through identifying viable projects that can be collectively run by the different tribes to generate income, we will give the people of Bungoma a ground to work together and earn a living from the same thus motivating them to take ownership of sustaining peace in Bungoma.

Gender issues

Through the projects the gender issue will be considered by;

1) Through the Radio programmes we shall campaign for rights of the girl-children and campaign against the negative campaigns against boy children.
Through these programmes we shall also address problems faced by both genders in society and how they may lead to unrest.

2) Through the public workshops we shall encourage gender equality and protection of the less fortunate in society,we shall also promote gender balance in the workshops by giving each gender equal opportunities of contributing to the workshops.

3) In our pamphlet publications we shall include issues of gender that are hampering development and how they can be resolved.

4) During our training of youth we shall do it in observation of gender balance to enable girls and boys to be informed alike and participate together in the peace process.

5) While visiting the villages we shall preach against the abuse of girl-children by their parents and brothers.

6) Gender issues shall also be a priority while meeting with the administrators to promote equal service delivery to the people irrespective of gender.

By carrying these six projects we shall have taken care of the needs of the people in Bungoma and we have given special consideration to the youth,women and people with disabilities.

Through these projects also we shall improve the fight against HIV and AIDS because we shall cultivate an informed society that will be ready to fight for its rights and live responsibly.

Monitoring and evaluation

All these projects shall be monitored closely by the management board and the members of Siritanyi Peace Makers and all expenditures shall be well recorded for auditing at any time so as to enable our objectives and vision for Bungoma and Kenya at large be realized.
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